A condo, which is short for "condominium," is a private residence owned by an individual homeowner or family in a building or community with multiple units or townhouses.

What is a condo? A condo (short for condominium) is more like an apartment you own.It’s in a shared building or a complex, and it’s usually much smaller in square footage than a house. A condo board or homeowners association (HOA) owns and maintains the exterior of the building and all the common areas like parking garages, swimming pools, the clubhouse and maybe a gym.

A condominium is a form of home ownership in which individual units of a larger complex are sold, not rented. These units may be renovated apartments, townhouses or even commercial warehouses. Any multi-unit structure can ‘go condominium’, meaning occupants must either vacate the premises or purchase their apartments outright.

Condos, short for condominiums. load error On the other hand, a townhouse community can give homeowners a hybrid.

The difference between townhouses and condos is a bit murkier, and depends on the form of ownership, because some townhouses are sold as condos. If you purchase a townhouse as a condo, you will.

If you own a Condo or, a townhouse that has condominium status (and we DO have those in NY State), you own the INTERIOR ONLY and part of your ownership includes a share of the condominium association which owns the buildings, driveways, garages, hallways, decks/porches and the common areas and it is the association that maintains all of it.

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Condos usually cost more to buy than a co-op, but you have more flexibility with your investment. It’s usually easier to sell or lease out a condo. While co-ops will have higher fees, the initial cost of buying into a co-op is usually cheaper than a condo. However, it is usually harder to sub-lease in a co-op, so it’s best to plan on living.

Condo vs. house: There are many reasons people choose one over the other – but which is right for you?. My wife, Ana, and I have owned and lived in seven houses and two condos in 15 years, and there were pros and cons at each.

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