National Security

  • Re-balance security with privacy and the Constitution
  • Privacy and liberty should not be sacrificed to protect freedom.  That is counterintuitive.
  • Abolish secret courts and opaque rules
  • Seek for fundamental reforms to the Department of Homeland Security.  Americans do not need another police force to police citizens.  DHS should be an aggregation of existing agencies and not a force unto itself
  • Encourage a reform of U.S. relations with the U.N.
  • Seek to strengthen more effective alliances like NATO
  • Restore trust in American institutions abroad by ending monetary manipulation and friendly spying programs

Budget And Taxes

  • Promote a simplified Tax Code - It's time for Washington to get serious about tax reform!
  • Help Congress find the courage to openly debate the Fair Tax and other proposals for change.
  • Seek to tie tax revenue to spending and end the use of taxes as class warfare and incentives
  • Work to balance the budget, starting with support for spending reductions where it's warranted
  • Implement an "Affordability Index" for all government expenditures in order to rank spending and programs by necessity and usefulness
  • Amend Congressional procedures to permanently end pork-barrel legislation
  • Generate discussion around a Balanced Budget Amendment


  • Bring a permanent end to the trend of justifying privacy invasion
  • Bring technical leadership to Washington, capitalizing on the experience of my career to bring change, cost reductions, and modernization to federal institutions
  • Provide leadership for Internet and other technology bills
  • Permanently defeat Net-Neutrality and other government intrusions on the free-market
  • End the practice of abdicating to telecom, media, and tech lobbies


  • Seek to strengthen only government partnerships that work and rid ourselves of those that don't
  • Bring an end to crony capitalist programs like those that funded Solyndra
  • Build an investment model like that of NASA during the 1970's and 1980's where private businesses compete for innovative solution funding
  • Increase support for capitalizing on America's natural resources
  • Support the Keystone XL Pipeline
  • Seek ways to end majority reliance on foreign energy, a major potential risk to national security
  • Find ways to encourage modernization and increase safety for workers and the environment without sacrificing economic growth and stability
  • Find ways to support energy exportation that puts American interests first


  • Strengthen Veteran Support Systems
  • Restore the full benefits of all U.S. service personnel and their families. To make media stunts and political games of this issue shows nothing but contempt for our freedom and the families of those who sacrifice all on our behalf
  • Seek to strengthen our military institutions through modernization.  Power does not always come from size, but also from efficiency, agility, and technology

Health Care

  • Repeal and replace Obamacare. It is clear that the Affordable Care Act is a disaster on an unparalleled scale. Health care is not the same as health insurance, costs can be lowered through less government intrusion in the system
  • Streamline and modernize Medicaid and Medicare
  • Root out costly Medicaid and Medicare fraud
  • Seek permanent tort reform


  • Return Congressional focus to easing America's economic burdens
  • Work toward a real recovery from the 2008 recession
  • Focus on jobs, unlike the White House
  • Repeal and replace Dodd-Frank
  • Streamline and correct the corporate tax system
  • End nonsense corporate tax loopholes
  • Flatten and lower corporate tax rates
  • End unreasonable repatriation taxes
  • Make America tax competitive once again

The Platform for Issues Facing America

Important Social Issues

  • Establish a bi-partisan pro-life coalition in Congress to address important protections for the unborn
  • Permanently end all forms of government mandated and funded abortion or contraception, restoring the rights of every American to make their own moral and faith decisions
  • Strengthen and modernize 2nd Amendment protections, including defining once again the Right to Bear Arms as a public right, not just a private one.
  • Repeal No Child Left Behind and end Federal subsidies based on Common Core testing standards
  • It's time for this country to recognize its failures in Education! - Support home schooling, and promote school choice across the U.S. 
  • Be a proponent for Right to Work laws and seek to end collective bargaining forever everywhere we can across the U.S. and in the Federal Government
  • Promote economic expansion for everyone, which is the best way to end poverty and give all people the best chance at opportunity.
  • Be an integral part of the Liberty movement taking the battle of our Liberty to the media and to the President's doorstep
  • Be an advocate for Freedom with Energy, Expertise, and Enthusiasm
  • Help to transform the image of the Republican Party, restoring our great traditions and expanding the tent

Reform Congress

  • Restore the dignity and power of Congress. This means bringing an end to the power vacuum of the Executive Branch while restoring proper checks and balances
  • End the creation of a political class, such a class flies in the face of everything our fore-fathers intended for our Constitutional republic
  • Congress must abide by the same rules as EVERY American, no more exemptions
  • Push forward a discussion for reasonable term limits
  • Seek for ways to deleverage the lobbyists that have invaded D.C.
  • Advocate for procedural changes that make pork-barrel spending amendments and sweetheart deals impossible
  • Restore integrity to Congress and the Executive Branch by holding people accountable without exceptions based on party or position