When it’s time to sell your house, conventional wisdom says selling in the prime season, which begins in spring and lasts through summer, is the best way to go.

Determining the best time to sell a house isn’t a science – it’s an art. That’s because there are so many things to consider when it comes to timing a sale appropriately, from the real estate market in your neighborhood to your emotional investment in your home.

It’s that special time of year when the most people are out looking for a home and the most houses are on the market! Want to unload a property this spring or summer? Use these tips to sell quicker and for the most profit. And if you need even more advice, use this discount code for my book How to Sell Your Home!

Selling. keeping your home in pristine condition and leaving every time your agent brings prospective buyers for a tour. According to real estate information company Zillow, the best time.

Look into how many other houses are being listed at the same time as when you are planning to list so that you know when the best time of year to sell a house in your area is. Spring might come with the best conditions for selling your house, but you can’t always guarantee that is when you will have to sell your home.

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At Opendoor, when we are asked about the best time to sell a home, our answer has always been the same: The decision to move on to the next chapter in your life is a personal one – and should take other factors into account than just the seasonality of the housing market.

As of August 2017, the average home remains on the market for 66 days, but again, that can be influenced by your market and the time of year you list. Closing takes an average of 50 days, according to the Realtor.com study. Other factors that can impact the time it takes to sell include: Finding an agent.

If you need to sell your apartment or house fast, an agent should know not only the best way to do that, but the best time to do that, as well. According to The Balance , most real estate agents should know the average time it takes to sell an apartment or house without having to think about it.

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